10 Interesting facts about dreaming to blow your mind

Dreaming is a natural phenomenon and it happens to every human being on this plant. We dream about different things. Sometimes we experience the things, people or places that we love and other times it can be a nightmare. There are a few individuals

that have special dreams known as predictions. They help us to find out what might happen in the future. Dreaming is a very interesting concept and here we have some of the mind-blowing facts about dreaming you should know.

1. Black and white dreams

In 1940, there were more than 75% Americans that had black and white dreams all because of technology and colors now only 12% people have such dreams. It seems like they have gone in the past. In this age of technology having the black and white dreams seems a little wired but in reality these are the kind of dreams that really show our personality. It has been shown that the black and white dreams are related to nightmares or things we are commonly afraid of.

2. Tetris Syndrome

It has been shown in a recent study that Tetris Syndrome, that happens when you play a sport for too long and you will begin to dream about it, and hallucinate about it whole you are sleeping. There have been a few individuals that even talk while they are dreaming. If you are near them you will hear them saying the exact same statements that they used on the gaming field. It is one of the biggest indication that they have been suffering from the syndrome. It often happens when individuals are tired because of continuously playing the particular game.

3. The dreams of deaf

You will be amazed to know that in the dreams of deaf people, they are still unable hear but the people in their dreams are aware of sign language or all the communication is essentially telepathic. It means that if you have any kind of disability in real life it cannot stop you from dreaming. Everyone can understand what their dreams are about and when a deaf person tells you about their dreams it is important that you have an understanding approach so you can provide them the guidance they have been looking for.

4.  you can’t read the texts in dream

It is incredibly difficult to read written messages during your dreams. This is why we doesn’t have even a single dream sequence where people have been reading text. Many scientists and technologists have been working to find ways that will help them to understand what are the different types of texts that people see in their dreams. However, they have not been successful yet. Just imagine if you are capable of reading the texts in your dreams it would be interesting to know what the dreams are trying to tell us.

5. Lucid dreams

There are some special people that have the lucid dream in sleep, where they are aware about their dreaming and can have a complete control over what is going to happen in the dream. You might call in some kind of supernatural power or a deficiency but such individuals can even control their thoughts and body in the dream. They can easily come out of the dream whenever they want. It has been noticed that such kinds of dreams come to a few individuals in a million and experts have been unable to understand that how it happens.

6. False awakening

An amazing fact about dreaming is that there is such thing known as False Awakening. In this situation you will think that you have awoken from your dream and you will proceed with your tasks of daily life but you are actually in the state of dreaming. It can be regarded as another type of the lucid dream because you feel like you have a complete control over your body but once the real awakening happens you will be confused and it would be hard for you to understand that how you have managed to experience a dream within your dream.

7. Gamers can have better Lucid dreams

It has been shown that the brains of gamers are better at lucid dreaming and so they have been great at beating Nightmares. The reason behind it is that they have been playing and dealing with different strategies. That is why they take their dreams as a gaming platform. Once the dream begins they will start to resolve the mystery and in this way they have a complete control over their body that will allow them to wake up from the nightmare before anything bad can happen to them.

8. Hypermnesia

There is a phenomenon known as Hypermnesia. It has been proved in this concept that humans have a better control and retrieval of memories during dreams. This is the reason that mostly during dreaming we will remember most of the things that we might have long forgotten. If we try to concentrate on our minds during the dreams most of our hidden memories will surface and when we wake up it would be easier for us to remember everything that we thought was forgotten. It might be the reason experts say that after learning something we should take a nap.

9. Dreaming is to give our eyes oxygen

It has been shown that dreaming may have happened to provide the eyes and its lens with healthy amount of oxygen so that it will not die. You might have been surprised by this fact but if you will pay attention most of the people dream with open eyes in which air is the source of oxygen. In the same way our eyes constantly move while we are dreaming that will enhance the flow of blood to give a better view.

10. Dream decoding

Japanese researchers have introduced a dream decoding technology that will help us find out what a person has been dreaming about. It means that we can now easily know the actions that took place in our dreams and it will become easier to predict what the dream meant and why we have been having such kind of strange thoughts.

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