10 most anticipated movies for 2019

2018 was a great year for movies, but a lot of people are already looking onward to the next year. And from the looks of it, it’s safe to say that 2019 is set to bring in quite a lot of amazing movies for us to check out. Every movie fan should consider checking the following list!

1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The first part was a huge success, so it’s easy to see why a lot of people will want to see this movie. It’s a really fun approach and the best part is that they are adding space invaders into the mix. Even if it makes things a bit more complicated, it also spruces up the process and offers cool moments for everyone interested in a family movie.

2. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Yet another animation hits the list. And this is actually a really cool one, mainly because it helps finish the trilogy. The team is now facing a huge range of dragon attacks and our resident dragon finds love. What’s not to enjoy here? Comedy, great visuals and a plethora of impressive experiences for animation lovers makes How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World a really good movie for the entire family.

3. Captain Marvel

This is the first female-led movie in the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s exciting but at the same time it also comes with its fair share of unique ideas to check out. It follows the story of an airforce pilot that received superpowers. The story takes place during the 90s, so we will see some of our favorite characters like Coulson or Nick Fury de-aged. A great combination of technology, fights and action should make Captain Marvel a no-brainer for any movie lover.

4. Shazam!

Shazam! is yet another character from the comics that comes to the big screen. And it does that in a really good way. The trailer was hilarious and it really goes to show that the DC approach is shifting from a darker tone to a more serious one. Plus, the fact that you have a kid which can transform into an adult in the blink of an eye is very exciting, and it does come with its fair share of unique ideas to explore and enjoy for the entire movie. It’s a unique premise and a fun one at that.

5. Hellboy

Hellboy was a great trilogy during the 2000s, but it’s time for a reboot. And this new movie is set to come with a different story and approach. Not a lot is known about the plot itself, but from what we know the movie is set to be quite distinct, unique and really exciting as a whole if it will at least bring in the original approach. Unlike the Spawn movie that’s in production, Hellboy does tend to stay close to the original, but it does have its fair share of twists and options. Which is what you need from a movie like this.

6. Avengers 4

The new Avengers movie is set to topple all the records. But they are actively keeping things under wraps, so not a lot is known about the plot. After Avengers 3, Thanos won and now it’s up to the remaining heroes to work hard and do everything in their power to get back all the people that died. It’s a very interesting approach and considering the earth-shattering records that the previous one broke, it’s safe to say that the new movie is set to break a whole lot of records too.

7. John Wick 3: Parabellum

Keanu Reeves’s John Wick series continues. This time we will follow John Wick as he has a bounty on his head and he needs to eliminate the criminal underworld if he wants to stay alive. It’s a very distinct and fun approach, one that has the potential to do wonders if everything is tackled the right way. While most of the story is unknown, the sheer approach and the fact that there are so many interesting ideas in this movie clearly shows that if you loved the others, you should check this one out as well.

8. Aladdin

There are a lot of live action adaptations from Disney coming in 2019, such as the Lion King. But we chose Aladdin for this list because it’s spectacular and a whole lot of fun as a whole. The cast is quite nice, and the fact that we have Will Smith as the Genie is quite unique too. There are some obvious challenges when it comes to bringing this to live action, but it’s set to be quite an amazing movie if it’s all done correctly.

9. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home is one of the summer movies that a lot of people will want to see. It’s a nice approach to the Spider-Man story and at the same time it’s extremely interesting and exciting. The great thing about it is that you have a multitude of villains to check out, and everything from the story details to the idea that we will see lots of locations in Europe makes this very iconic and fun. Definitely a movie worth seeing.

10. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Tarantino doesn’t make a ton of movies, but the ones that he does create are iconic and this is definitely raising the bar quite a bit. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood is sharing a story around an actor and his stunt double that try to make it big in the movie world. They are establishing their careers just around the time when the Manson Family murders take place.

If you want to find some good movies to see in 2019, these are some of the best. You should totally check them out, as these are pretty impressive and iconic, well worth checking out and very fun as well. Plus, many of them are already setting up to be major hitters at the box office!

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