10 things you might not know about Lil Pump

1. Real name

His real name is Gazzy Garcia, but his stage name is Lil Pump.

2. Born

Lil Pump was born in Miami on the 17th of august in 2000, so he is currently 18 years old.

3. Begin of his career

Garcia’s rap career began when Smokepurpp produced a track and asked him to freestyle over it. The single they produced was released in 2016 on the a website called SoundCloud.

4. Parents

In a 2018 interview with J. Cole, he stated that both of his parents are from Colombia and that they divorced when he was six years old. His dad left him and his mother moved to Miami.

5. Gucci Gang

He is best known for his song “Gucci Gang”, Gucci Gang peaked at number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and is certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

6. Legal issues

On the 15th of February, 2018, Garcia was arrested for firing a weapon in an inhabited place.

On August 29, 2018, Garcia was arrested for driving without a license in Miami. On September 3 he announced that he would be going to jail for a few months, but it didn’t come this far.

December 2018, Garcia was arrested at a Miami airport for disorderly conduct as he was about to take off on a flight. The security wanted to search Garcia’s luggage for cannabis but Garcia insisted he did not have any.

7. Harvard dropout

It’s currently not know whether Lil Pump did actually attended Harvard University. But the rapper ones tweeted that “He really did drop out of Harvard to save the rap game”. Whether this is true or not no one knows.

8. Net worth

It may surprise you to hear that Lil Pump’s net worth is already 9.5 million dollars, at such a young age!

9. Girlfriend

Lil Pump doesn’t have a girlfriend and he is not married, but he told many times that he would like to be with iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove, who is seven years older than him. She even went on a date with the rapper after her fans begged her to give him a chance.

10. Big Pump

Lil Pump admits that he is gaining weight. While a chubby Lil Pump is not what were accustomed to seeing, Lil Pump is now gaining weight. In a video he said that “When you’re rich and you’re eating good that’s what happens.”

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