10 things you probably don’t know about MrBeast

MrBeast is a very popular YouTube start. But unlike other people that have some rather simple ideas to create videos, what makes MrBeast stand out is that he always comes with outrageous ideas like counting to 100000 without stopping, sitting and watching a video for 24 hours and so on. All these things seem crazy, but MrBeast manages to do all of that and he continually defies expectations by coming up with some new things. Here are some MrBeast facts you might not know.

1. His real name is Jimmy Donaldson

Jimmy went with the MrBeast name because he thought he was cool. However, he never discloses his real name, at least in the complete version. But that’s mostly for privacy reasons. He really pushes the boundaries when it comes to delivering good online content and offering people new ways to explore amazing content in the online world. Which is a really interesting option, to say the least.

2. He surprised his mom by giving her $100000

The idea behind this skit was that he would make up for all the things that he did when he was younger. And he actually shared quite a lot of money with his mother. She is working hard to pay for her home, so it makes a lot of sense to offer them a lot of money to repay her debts. It’s a really nice gesture, but one that didn’t really stand out for some reason.

3. MrBeast actually made some political videos

While MrBeast is not exactly the first person in the online world that would create a political video, he did create a few skits and comedy videos regarding the 2016 election. It’s definitely not the type of stuff that you can find on his channel, but it’s still funny content with a nice twist and an exciting style for you to check out. Which is what matters in the end.

4. The channel was started on February 19 2012

The interesting thing about MrBeast is that he is not a newcomer to the YouTube world. He started creating this type of cool videos early on when compared to modern YouTubers. And he did manage to gain quite a lot of followers early on. There’s a reason why he has millions upon millions of followers, because he really is one of the major YouTubers you can find right now.

5. He gave $10000 as a tip for water

Yes, $10000 for water is one of the most interesting clips that you can find right now and it’s trending online too. A lot of news stations covered this, and they should definitely do that. It’s an amazing thing to do, and one that did bring in a lot of media attention for MrBeast. It’s not like he needed more exposure, as he does have a ton of followers in the online world. But it still is something unique and cool that you can rarely explore in the online world nowadays.

6. Initially he created only gameplay videos

The normal MrBeast channel was originally focused on the creation of gameplay videos. His primary games to cover were Minecraft and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. But the channel expanded as soon as he went away from gameplay videos. That’s one of the things to notice here, originality is what makes you viral in the online world, and you really have to find some new ways to expand and explore the online ideas as you see fit. But it’s well worth it to begin with, and it constantly adjusts and adapts just like in MrBeast’s case.

7. His most popular video has more than 53 million views

One of his recent videos is named “Can 20000 magnets catch a bullet mid-air?” and this got an insane amount of views for a video like this. The challenge that comes from shooting such a video is that you never know how it might work and if it will actually be a suitable idea or not. Yet a lot of people liked this approach because it really is something distinct, unique and fun at the same time. You rarely find some cool videos like this online, so it’s easy to see why this one is popular.

8. He has a clothing line

On the MrBeast website, you can actually acquire a lot of cool clothes created by him. There are new designs coming all the time, and they are quite impressive from a visual standpoint. It’s well worth giving this type of thing a shot if you love online videos, and it will be well worth it to check out.

9. MrBeast also has a second channel

What? Yes, MrBeast actually has a second channel that he created in April 2016. But unlike what you might imagine, he is not uploading on that channel and the interesting thing is that he still has a lot of subscribers in there. But yes, just like most YouTube personalities, he did create a second channel where people can check out more of his own stuff.

10. He doesn’t really like social media

He does have a Twitter, however he rarely creates another account or uses social media. There was a lot of backlash when it comes to YouTubers, so it’s easy to see why he would not post on social media anymore. It makes a lot of sense to focus on YouTube only, as that’s where most of the exposure comes from. He doesn’t really post super often, but all the videos he posts are really exciting and fun.

Now you should know more about MrBeast. He is one of the coolest YouTube personalities out there, and at the same time he has a vibrant approach to creating videos. Plus, it’s his unique way to create videos that always pushes people to check out his content. And the content as a whole is very good too! That’s why more and more people are coming to his channel. He might even hit 10 million subscribers sooner rather than later!

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