13 amazing things you need from amazon

1. Nebula Capsule Palm-sized Smart Projector

Nebula Capsule is a smart cinema that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Using Android 7.1 it plays content from your favorite video streaming app or mirrors your phone’s screen to create a remarkably detailed picture up to 100 inches big.

2. Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, airing the orchid-whatever you call it, none of the images in this book will encourage the gentle art of self-pleasure. This deceptively simple and strangely addictive book presents a laugh-out-loud collection of random pictures virtually guaranteed to dampen the urge of even the strongest libido.

3. Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera

The inexpensive solution for security theft problems with a high resemblance to real cameras and activation light. No motorized pan movement. With an elegant and contemporary design, this camera is very popular.

4. Confetti High Five

At the peak of your celebration when two hands come together for an epic moment of high five bliss, you can’t afford not to have confetti blast high into the air and rain down around your triumphant gesture!

5. Complete Push Up Training System

This revolutionary color-coded push-up board targets specifics muscles worked-chest, shoulders, back, and triceps.

6. Crispy Bacon Grill

Introducing a healthier way to cook bacon to delicious perfection! Easily cook up to 6-strips of lean thin cut bacon in just minutes – no need to flip! Simply adjust the illuminated dial timer to your desired cooking preference, and allow the unique vertical cooking method to drain away fat and grease for fast, healthy cooking.

7. Samurai Sword Shift Knob

Ever wanted to be like a samurai? Well now you (sorta) can! The Samurai Sword Shift Knob is fully constructed of steel for durability, with polyester fabric weave and nickel plated brass accents. These are perfect for those who are ready to hit the track or those who want to style out with their show cars!

8. Mosquito Free Camping Hammock

Mosquito Free Hammock Bliss combines high-quality materials with exceptional comfort to create the ultimate pest free hammock experience.

9. Pizza Pocket To Go

One of the great lost treasures of the Roman Empire. Rediscovered by Mama Fancy in the Old Country, FancyPants FunTime is beyond proud to introduce you to the archeological and gastronomical wonder that is THE REAL PIZZA POCKET TO GO.

10. Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

With this Ben & Jerry’s lock, you can protect your precious ice cream from unwanted thieves. it has an easy, two-piece assembly with a twist-lock installation.

11. Hottest Peppers in the World

Get the hottest chili in the world and feel the fire of the Carolina Reaper Chilis at home! No matter whether fresh chilies, seeds, plants or extremely hot sauces with the Carolina Reaper. Here the hot heart is alive and beating!

12. Lighted Slippers

Bright Feet Lighted Slippers- Adult- Beige  Lighted slippers that let you see in the dark! The perfect gift for any occasion. See in the dark, feel the comfort and enjoy the convenience.

13. Red Cup Pongbot

Features red LED under-lighting making this a party favorite. Sensors keep Pongbot from going over the edge

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