14 Amazing Facts about Arrow You Want to Know

The Arrow is the show that really brought the DC universe back to the spotlight of the tv series. 11 years after Smallville introduced a huge audience to a DC live action tv series, this show came to create and expand this universe, like, big time.

This show is developed by writers/producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, based on the DC comics character Green Arrow created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. It first saw light in North America on The CW on October 10, 2012, since then it has received great reviews. As of today, we’re on the sixth season of the show, so it’s about time we check out some random facts about this show so you get a better aim at the target (archery joke, sorry), more specifically 14 of these cool facts

1. Let’s Get serious

The show was intended to be a darker, gritty and realistic take on the hero. Trying to take on the possibility of adding no meta-humans. A little inspired Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Night trilogy, it was meant to be a serious version of this universe, however this changed after adding characters such as Barry Allen AKA The Flash.

2. Can I be like Green Arrow?

No. Sorry to pop out your bubble, but come on, have you seen what this guy does? No, just no. Anyway, what you CAN DO is get the amazing bow he uses (Of course, without all the gadgetry). This really cool bow is called the Oneida Kestrel Compound. And for the not so modest price of $1,395 you can get your hands on this one and you can start practicing, of course it could take about a good bunch of years to be like Oliver

3. Location, location…

The DC universe never uses real cities, as a rule of thumb actually. Instead, they usually take the looks of a real location and give it a little twist for their convenience, probably because this gives them more open possibilities to work with space within the narration. This time, the city we’re dealing with is Star City, and to make the skyline of this one has not been easy, they managed to put together footage from numerous cities like Tokyo, Boston, Center City Philadelphia, Germany and Singapore. Talk about super match-ups.

4. A very different place

Near the end of season 4 there’s an appearance of a United States map, here they located Star City pretty much where Chicago is in real life. Now, if you’ve been following the comic, you’ll notice that this does not really match. In the comics Star City is roughly analogous to Seattle pretty much all the time.

5. And yet more location

Yes, we’re still talking about locations. Now, every time you see those exterior shots of the Queen Mansion chances are that you think something along the lines of “hey, I’ve seen this before”. And chances are, you have. They are all filmed at Hatley Castle in the Hatley Park National Historic Site, located in Colwood, British Columbia. Now, this is the same mansion used as Luthor’s Mansion on the Smallville show, and it’s the same one they use as Professor Xavier’s castle in the X-Men movies, even in Deadpool.

6. Holy cameos, Batman!

Although it has not made an appearance yet, it has been confirmed that This Oliver Queen lives in the same universe as the cinematographic Batman’s. Not only has the character been mentioned several times but also Ra’s Al Ghul is mentioned numerous times throughout the series, the mentor and teacher of Bruce Wayne when he joined the League of Assassins

7. A tough name?

Speaking of Batman, or well, his mentor. Clearly hi has an odd name, kind of tough to pronunciation, so it’s only natural to think that some people would fail to say it right, or at least to know for sure how it is correctly pronounced. However, this is not an accident and has an official explanation.  During a panel at WonderCon, writer and producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that Ra’s al Ghul’s first name is pronounced both ways actually, however, if the character is a member of the League of Assassins, they’ll refer to him as “Raysh”, while all the other character will say Raas.

8. All friends are welcome

The show Arrow has been a great kickstart to introduce some superheroes to live-action screens. Maybe ‘cause of the appeal of the show, but producers have decided to start using it has a ladder for other characters. This has led to the introduction of not only The Flash, who even got his own show after this, but also Felicity Smoak, Cupid, Katana, Ted Grant/Wildcat, Vixen, Roy Harper, Bill Wintergreen and many others.

9. Looking good

The realistic and darker look of the show calls for a little of change in the costume of the emerald archer. In the comics the character at some point in time did look exactly like a Robin Hood, with that little hat and cartoony mask. For the show we have a more modern suit, created by world famous Colleen Atwood, they focused on the functionality and also on giving it a darker look, this is why they based it more on Green Arrow from The New 52, and took his iconic beard away. Also replaced the hat with a cooler hood.

10. That’s a lot of characters

Have you ever thought that there are too any characters in this show? Of course not, there could always be more. However, if you pay a little of an attention you’ll find that Stephen Amel (Oliver Queen) is the only actor to appear in every single episode of the show

11. That number…

You may have noticed a number that seems to repeat a little too much. We’re talking about 52, you see they play the news on News 52, Quentin Lance also usually reports crimes as DC-52 and so. This is always a nod at The New 52, a reboot of DC’s comic universe that took place in 2011.

12. Post traumatic arrow disease?

According to Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen has an unusual “tic”. Meaning that anytime he is just Oliver and gets nervous or anxious he would put his hands together or some other physical expression involving that movement, he says that Oliver wishes he was holding his bow.

13. Green suits him

It seems as if Oliver Queen can’t get away from the color green, he wears it even in prison. How’s this? Well, if you pay attention and are oddly curious you’ll see that his prison shirt has the number 399471 written on his pocket. This is exactly the hex code of the shade of green of his hood.

14. Here to stay!

The character of Felicity Smoak, played by Emily Bett Rickards, was supposed to have a single appearance on the show, no further to one episode. However, fans reaction to her was so good that they decided to even make her main character for the rest of the show! Way to go Felicity!

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