17 things you need to know about BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a respected and very popular social news organization. It’s focused on bringing in a social, unique approach towards news and it does pay off a lot because of that. But you do have to wonder, do you know everything you want about BuzzFeed? We created a list with some things that you may not know about this organization. With that in mind, if you want to learn more about BuzzFeed, you should consider reading onward right away!

1. It’s not only full of lists

Despite the fact that BuzzFeed is known for its list-based articles, you shouldn’t consider it just a site with listicles. Sure, it does have a whole bunch of those articles, but it also delivers news, information about a variety of topics and big stories too. With that in mind, it also integrates videos and long-form content. That makes it extremely handy and among some of the best news and information-related websites that you can find out there.

2. You can find lots of gifs in there

One of the reasons why BuzzFeed is so popular is because it does include a whole lot of gifs. That makes it easy for people to relate to the content and they do enjoy the experience a whole lot because of it. Plus, the attention to detail offered here is extremely interesting, and it does bring in front some enjoyable moments. After all, people come to BuzzFeed to get information and have a good time. With something like this, they receive just that.

3. It sets the tone for digital media

A lot of websites and digital outlets in general set the tone based on BuzzFeed and they make content according to the site. So this site is all about creating viral, generalized content that does pay off a lot. It’s really informative and among some of the best things that you can find out there for sure. The lists and articles on the site are so diverse that just about everyone can find a piece of content they like or which they relate to. That’s what makes the content here so great!

4. It all comes down to sharing the content

BuzzFeed doesn’t care about the views here. There will always be views as the content put on the site is viral. But they do care about the social aspect. How many likes, shares and follows they receive is very important, as it helps the business evolve and stand out of the crowd quite a lot because of it. This certainly pays off, and it does bring in front some rather unique moments.

5. They create content that’s easy to share

It’s easy to see why they have such good results. Unlike other websites out there, BuzzFeed does make content that’s extremely easy to share, and people respond to that. They enjoy this type of content, they want more, and they do get more too. Plus, receiving more shares is always a great thing to have, and the site does receive it in no time.

6. BuzzFeed receives a lot of funding

There were multiple rounds of funding, and the company does receive more and more funds all the time. Why? Because unlike other sites, this is a safe bet for a lot of investors. The website always brings in front some nice, unique articles and that shines quite a lot. Of course, there will always be some lists that don’t catch on, but in the end, the value is well worth it, and that’s the thing that matters the most.

7. What is the secret to success for BuzzFeed?

A lot of sites focus on gossip. But BuzzFeed doesn’t do only that. Sure, it does have its fair share of gossip, but it also focuses a lot of fun. And people do want to have a good time, which is why they are always prone to like and enjoy this kind of lists. It just pays off immensely, and it manages to offer that sense of value and quality that you can’t find anywhere else on the web. So it’s easy to see why people enjoy the BuzzFeed content and want more of it.

8. The content is light-hearted

People come to BuzzFeed to relax and learn something new. Some of the lists and articles are extremely funny, and the best part is that you just get to enjoy your experience and have fun as a whole with it. The best part about BuzzFeed is that the experience is extremely impressive and the quality is unlike anything you have ever seen out there. Plus, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy regardless of the topic, which is always nice to have.

9. It’s extremely profitable

You may go to BuzzFeed to enjoy some funny content or read news, but the site does make a lot of money. It received numerous multi-million-dollar funding rounds, and it’s bringing in more than $20 million per year. So yes, it’s extremely profitable, and it’s easy to see why people would want to invest in it. Users come here to enjoy their time, and they do click on ads and share it. Plus, things like guests posts or other types of advertising are really interesting, and they just go to show how unique and enticing the experience can be in such a situation.

10. They have lots of competitors

Despite the fact that BuzzFeed seems something unique, it does have its fair share of competitors. In fact, they have competitors like Mail online for example, which is also very popular online. But for some reason, that site didn’t really get to capture the magic of BuzzFeed, even if does try to deliver something similar all the time. Yet BuzzFeed is unique in its own right, although you can still find lots of sites that want to mimic its success, and that’s understandable.

11. More and more videos are featured on the site

BuzzFeed is the type of site that always tries to stay up to date with the latest trends. That’s easy to understand, but on the other hand, it also comes with some really good benefits in no time. The best part about BuzzFeed is that videos are extremely popular on the site and they enhance the experience; they don’t do anything bad about it. So yes, that’s quite amazing for a site that’s mostly focused on having listicles and written content.

12. It all started from an email chain

The founder of BuzzFeed, Jonah Peretti had a fun time goofing online and creating lists. That led to some nice experiences and something that did make the result well worth it because of that. One of the more interesting things about the email chain that Peretti had with friends is that it gave him the idea to create a site where people could just go ahead and have fun, while also receiving relevant information. And that’s what BuzzFeed is, in the end.

13. BuzzFeed has multiple offices all over the world

Yes, the company has expanded in many locations, like Paris, Sydney, Mumbai, and London. So we can easily say that BuzzFeed is a worldwide business and one that does bring in front a tremendous amount of benefits and local content for all kinds of audiences.

14. Rupert Murdoch invested in BuzzFeed

Rupert is widely known as one of the biggest names in this business. So it’s easy to see why BuzzFeed became such a success because everyone in the industry including some of the bigger names like Murdoch gave the greenlight to this type of project.

15. The content is serious too, especially when it comes to breaking news

Aside from the fun content, BuzzFeed is also very serious. It can do investigative journalism or very fast exposure for breaking news. Yes, it’s hard to expect that from a site like BuzzFeed, but you do get just about everything here, and that’s the thing that makes it so special. It certainly pays off, and it covers a huge array of benefits for that reason alone.

16. It does have its fair share of controversy

There are some controversies related to BuzzFeed, as you can imagine. One of the editors was sued because he copied content word for word from other websites. And some celebrities didn’t like their BuzzFeed coverage either.

17. BuzzFeed UK has an office dog

Yes, BuzzFeed UK has its own dog at the office and it’s called Phineas. It’s the director of sniffing and naps. But in all seriousness, it’s quite impressive for a business like this to have such a cute dog at the office.

And here you have it, 17 interesting things about BuzzFeed. If you always wanted to know more about this business, then this article should give you all the information you need. One thing is certain, BuzzFeed is an extremely popular site, and it does impress a lot of people with the quality, value and success delivered here!

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