6 Avengers end game theories

Can’t wait for the new Avengers end game movie? Here are some of the best fan theories.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Infinity War and (maybe) the new End Game movie.


1. Tony Stark will learn the mystic arts.

Because Tony saw doctor strange go through 14 million different realities in a short time, he will use his knowledge to teach himself the mystic arts, so that he can control reality and undo everything that Thanos did.

2. Captain America will die.

Because the Soul Stone demands a sacrifice. It will be Captain America, he will give his life so that someone else (probably Iron Man) can wield the infinity gauntlet and save half the universe.

3. Gamora will save everybody.

Since Gamora got thrown in the bottomless void, she probably won’t get turned into dust. She will get an important role inside the Soul Stone. Because of her relationship with Thanos, she will escape and eventually wield the gauntlet to take down Thanos and save everyone.

4. Hawkeye will become the sword-wielding Ronin.

After missing the Infinity war. Hawkeye will return as a whole new superhero, Ronin. Because his whole family got turned to dust Hawkeye will become angry, bitter and ready for some kill bill sword playing action.

5. The Avengers will take on younger Thanos through time travel.

The Avengers will master time travel and take on a younger Thanos who will be much less strong and he won’t be equipped with every single infinity stone. The Avengers could surprise attack him and they’ll change the future.

6. Loki is not dead.

The fact that Loki stabbed Thanos with his left hand, instead of his right hand proves that we were looking at a projection. Loki is actually fine and will probably help Thor and the others to save the universe.


Note: None of these theories have been proved to be actually true. But some of them are highly possible!

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