7 Amazing facts about The Flash you’ll want to know!

Superheroes are literally EVERYWHERE these days. It started like just a trend, however t has absorbed every corner of the modern media, and we’re loving it. It’s not just the movies that we enjoy watching, but the TV shows we can hook up to. There are so many to chose from, however today we’ll have a little list to talk about the fastest of them all, the lightning, the speedster by excellence, of course, we’re talking about The Flash tv series.

The Flash is a superhero from DC Comics, and this tv series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns kicked off on The CW Television Network back in 2014. Now It’s been around for 4 years, meaning four seasons. Now we’ll see some cool facts you should know about this superhero if you really want to get into his world!

1. Faster than you think!

The Flash is pretty much the fastest crime fighter out there, ever wondered how fast? Well, this guy is known to be able to run faster than the speed of sound, heck, even faster than the speed of light! To the point he can travel through time just by running. He can also think as fast, making him a pretty snappy guy.  By the way, if you want to know what’s the fastest he’s ever been you have to take a look at some comics, and you’ll find that the he once had to win a race against beings called Cosmic Gamblers in order to defeat them and save the Earth, he reached the ridiculous speed of 23,759,449,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 MPH, don’t even bother to count the zeroes.

2. Time Travel in real life!?

The cast of this show is very interesting indeed, we’ve just mentioned that the flash can travel through time with his speed skills, but what’s interesting about this is that the actor that plays Barry’s father, John Wesley Snipp ALSO played the roll of The Flash in the 1990’s series!

3. One leg at the time

This hero can do anything really fast, too bad this power wasn’t granted to Grant Gustin, the actor who plays The Flash. It takes him nearly an hour to get into the soot every time they’re going to shoot. This awesome suit designer by the world-famous costume designer Colleen Atwood.

4. At the speed of… an average person, I guess

While shooting the scenes, things are not as exciting as we perceive them in the final product. The shots of Gustin’s performing are taken at his normal speed, either running or fighting, it is shot at normal speed and then they spice things up in post.

5. Central City? Yeah, right.

It is pretty usual for DC characters to live in a fictional city, the same goes for the flash. It is known he lives in a place called Central City (what a great name), however. In the second episode they show us a map of the place and if you pay close attention you’ll see that we’re really watching a map of Portland Oregon with swapped names to fit the DC landmarks.

6. It’s not about the looks.

Back in 1965 when Barry Allen was first introduced, it has been known to have almost iconic blonde hair, so it’s only natural to expect that when thinking of taking it to the small screen producers wanted a blonde Barry to be casted. However, after giving Grant Gustin the role, they thought of asking him to dye his hair, but the idea was dismissed for unknown reasons, however, it’s probably for the better. The Flash’s look is retro enough already

7. The Scarlet Speedster needs his space

The original Idea for The Flash tv series was to get the character introduced in three episodes of The Arrow, using the last one of these as some kind of pilot for the show., However, after the first two, the producers were amazed by the great results they received, and demanded an official pilot, and decided to get the show running, get it? ‘cause he runs… Yeah.

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