7 things you should know about Battlefront II

Battlefront II is a very popular game. It did arrive alongside a new set of movies, which made it extremely popular for everyone that loves Star Wars. And aside from being a really fun experience, it’s also an exciting title that does tend to improve on the predecessor. And there was a lot to improve there too. The lack of a singleplayer campaign was one of the things, and then there was also a not very meaningful sense of progression. We are here to analyze Battlefront II a little bit and talk about some interesting facts surrounding the game.

1. The loot box controversy

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor battlefront 2 loot box

Despite the fact that Battlefront II is a really fun game at its core, most of the press it received was negative, and that mostly had to do with the loot box controversy. Unfortunately for the game, the progression system was created around cards. These cards offer unique benefits to the player depending on each class. Some cards are rare; others are very common. The issue here is that you can access a loot box system, but if you pay real money you can get more cards and sometimes even better cards too. Obviously, this leads to an advantage in the game, when compared to people that can’t afford to or don’t want to buy loot boxes.

Even if EA removed the loot boxes, there’s no denying that Battlefront II’s system still needs work. The need for loot boxes, free ones, is still there, as you can’t progress and get better cards without them. It was a flawed design idea, and unfortunately, that does have repercussions on the game as a whole.

2. You get to play in all eras

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Star Wars fans always wanted to play in all the eras, and the best part is that Battlefront II lets them fulfill that goal. You have original trilogy maps, prequel maps and even maps from The Force Awakens. They even shared some Return of the Jedi content, so there’s definitely more and more work being put into the game.

This was very important for the game since the predecessor didn’t do a very good job as it focused solely on the original trilogy. While good, Battlefront did miss some key elements, and Battlefront II does offer a better experience here.

3. 4v4 hero battles

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This was a necessity and now you do have hero versus hero battles. Thankfully, this is something that a lot of people wanted, and you do get to use Force powers and other cool stuff in the game thanks to this game mode. While some of the animations are still janky, the simple fact that you can access and use Force powers is nothing short of interesting. It’s a fun approach to have and one that does make sense for the game.

4. Singleplayer campaign

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor battlefront 2 single player campaign

The simple fact that Battlefront II has a campaign is a huge improvement. And being able to take on the dark side of things for a change is nice. The campaign does a very good job at humanizing the dark side, and that’s interesting. The game campaign also takes place at the crossroads of two movies, the 6th, and the 7th one. There’s a 30-year time gap there, so adding in more story like this makes a lot of sense.

The story is quite interesting and it seems that they will be adding some more chapters too. It’s always nice to have more and fun ideas to be added in the game, and a singleplayer campaign was definitely everything you could have hoped they integrated in Battlefront II. Thankfully they did, and even though the campaign is not perfect, it is a great experience and one of the best that you can find out there. If you love playing as a female protagonist, then you are bound to enjoy the unique gameplay and experience offered by Battlefront II. It’s distinct and unlike any other Star Wars game that you can find out there.

Moreover, the Battlefront II campaign has a cinematic feel to it. While it’s not similar to a movie to begin with, it does look amazing and it’s very detailed too. Plus, there are some rather unique twists to be had in here too, which is very special.

5. Space battles

Space battles are amazing in Battlefront II, and they do offer a great experience for people that love the space battles in the movies. Ships can be upgraded too, so you can easily boost their firepower if you want. Overall, you can have a ton of fun with the new space battles, and thankfully there’s a mode created specifically for that which is quite amazing.

6. Arcade mode

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor battlefront 2 arcade mode

What you will like about the Arcade mode is that it has a wide range of unique missions for both the light and dark side. It’s really fun to play those missions because they can offer you credits, and you can use a huge range of different characters too. It’s a fun experience to be had for sure, and it’s certainly one of the more interesting gameplay ideas that you can find out there.

7. You can walk over lava

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor battlefront 2 lava walk

During the campaign, you will visit the planet Sulluth where you can find a weapons factory. The factory is located on the volcanic side of the planet, and that means you do have the opportunity to go over lava as you play. The gameplay is really fun there, and the experience on its own is extremely special. It’s reminiscent of the final episode in the prequel trilogy, where Anakin finally became Vader on a lava-themed planet.

As you can see, Battlefront II is a very fun and interesting game. It does have some unique moments and gameplay ideas, and it’s also really popular. But yes, this does come with its own share of controversy. Yet despite all of that, Battlefront II is extremely fun and interesting. If you love shooters and the Star Wars movies, then you can’t go wrong with Battlefront II. Thankfully, the developers are constantly updating this, so the game does end up getting better and better all the time!

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