8 Things you need to know about rapper 21 Savage

Here are 8 things that you may or may not have known about 21 Savage:

1. 21 Savage is from the UK

He got arrested in February 2019 by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement after it was revealed that he is actually a British citizen en his U.S. visa has run out.

2. His name is his gang

“21, that’s my gang, that’s my crew,” he said “Savage came out of nowhere. I was just looking for an Instagram name”.


3. Drake Bought him a Ferrari

Drake bought 21 Savage a Ferrari for his 24th birthday. It’s currently not clear why Drake bought him such an expensive gift, however, 21 Savage was spotted with the car in their ‘Sneaking’ video.


4. 21 Savage is from Atlanta

Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph (his real name) was born October 22, 1992. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia and became known in Atlanta for the 2015 mixtape ‘The Slaughter Tape’ before attaining nationwide attention.


5. He spent High School in juvenile detention

21 Savage got in lots of trouble while at school and eventually got kicked off because he threatened another student with a gun. He got kicked out of a lot more schools after that and ended up in juvenile prison.


6. He has a Face tattoo to honor his brother

People who have seen a picture of 21 Savage might have noticed the tattoo of a dagger positioned between his eyes. Originally, he had intended to get te same tattoo as his brother but decided to do his own thing which resulted in a tattoo of a dagger on his face. His brother was killed in a shooting.


7. His professional name comes from an Instagram name

21 Savage wanted to use the number 21 (his gang when growing up) in his Instagram name. He said that savage just randomly came up in his mind.


8. 21 savage has three kids

During his online episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex, the rapper revealed he has three children.

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