Top 5 vacation destinations for daredevils

If you are the type that likes extreme sports and a vacation full of risk you have to check out the list below!

1. New-Zealand

When you first arrive in New-Zealand you’ll be blown away by the beauty of the country. But there is another side to the country, there are many extreme sports that you could participate in. You could go Heli-biking, a helicopter will take you and your bike to the top of a mountain, so you could bike all the way down a mountain. There is also an option to just casual mountain bike across the country. It is also very popular to go rafting or kayaking in New-Zealand. You also have the possibility to skydive, bungy jump or do some hiking.

2. South-Africa

South-Africa is one of the few counties in the world where you can dive with sharks. You will be put in a cage and sharks will swim around you. There are also massive waves along the coast where you can surf on. Also there is the possibility to abseil the Table Mountain.

3. Iceland

Just as New-Zealand you’ll be blown away by the beauty of the country. The country has a weird physical geography, because of this geography there are a lot of things to do in Iceland. You could go paragliding in the hills or rafting over the aggressive rivers. The water in Iceland is could be there is the possibility to dive and/or snorkel. But the most popular attraction in Iceland are the thousands of caves that you can explore.

4. The Sahara

You may think that this is only one big sandy place, but there is more to it. One of the main extreme sports in the Sahara is sandboarding. It’s just like snowboarding but on sand! There is also an option to rent a dirt bike, and take a ride over the sand dunes. Furthermore there is the possibility to paraglide and just explore this big sandy place.

5. Antarctica

Antarctica is a place where hiking and snorkeling are very popular extreme sports. Taking a polar plunge is also a pretty famous thing to do. A polar plunge is an event where the participants enter a body of water despite the temperature. Knowing that the temperature on Antarctica is most of the time below zero degrees you could say that this is a crazy thing to do. There is also an option to kayak while you passing by the penguins. The more casual thing to do is exploring the ice tunnels. Whatever you are about to do on Antarctica make sure to bring the right clothing.

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