YouTube battle of the century: Pewdiepie vs T-series

1. Pewdiepie

Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie, is a Swedish YouTuber who makes comedy and Let’s Play videos. His YouTube channel has more subscribers than any other YouTube channel since August 2013. He has over 87 million subscribers and 20.6 billion views as of 1 March 2019.

2. T-Series

T-Series is an Indian music record label and film production company. The main T-Series channel contains Indian music videos as well as Bollywood film trailers, and uploads multiple videos every day. T-Series became the most-viewed channel on YouTube in February 2017. The channel has over 86 million subscribers and over 62.8 billion views as of 25 February 2019, currently making it the most-viewed channel on YouTube.

3. MrBeast

PewDiePie struggles to secure the number one spot on YouTube. But there is one PewDiePie fan that won’t let him go down without a fight: Jimmy Donaldson, aka ‘MrBeast, who purchased space on every billboard in his hometown to promote PewDiePie’s YouTube channel and keep him Number 1. MrBeast also went to the Superbowl he scrambled four mates together and showed their t-shirts with the text  ‘Sub 2 PewDiePie’ on them. Recently Pewdiepie invited MrBeast to host one of his shows called “Meme review”, MrBeast agreed and appeared on the show.

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4. The overtake

During a roughly five-minute stretch on the 22th of February, Indian production company T-Series became YouTube’s most-subscribed channel with a max lead of roughly 2000 subscribers, while Kjellberg’s channel lost 20000 subscribers due to a routine YouTube audit. While Kjellberg’s defeat was only temporary, it does speak to the way in which the contest between the two channels has become very close in recent weeks.

5. Elon Musk

Elon Musk and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, co-hosted the last third of Kjellberg’s latest episode of meme review. Their time was mostly spent reviewing memes that included Musk, including poking fun at his obsession with artificial intelligence and drawing on his love for electric vehicles. With hosting meme review Elon and Justin tried to raise up awareness for the battle against T-series, and gain some more subscribers for Pewdiepie.

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6. Printer hacking

A hacker under the name “HackerGiraffe” sent print jobs to a total of 50,000 vulnerable printers in November, and another hacker under the name “j3ws3r” did the same to 80,000 printers in December. Messages were printed out saying “PewDiePie is in trouble help him to defeat T-Series!” and urging printer users to subscribe to PewDiePie and fix their printer. HackerGiraffe claimed that he had discovered more than 800,000 vulnerable printers using the search engine Shodan used for finding vulnerable devices.

7. Disstrack

Pewdiepie even made a diss track about T-series. The diss track is called “Bitch lasagna” and is his most viewed video. If you want to listen to his diss track it is available on his YouTube channel.

8. FlareTV

One particular YouTube channel benefits the most from the battle between these two giants. The channel is called FlareTV, FlareTV has a live counter of the amount of subscribers from each channel. Everybody from the YouTube community is really invested in the battle between the two, so they check on this live subscribers to get updated on the situations. FlareTV has an visitor count of 60 million per month and there estimated yearly income lies between €164000 and €2600000. You could say he really profited from the battle between these two.

9. Neck to neck

The two channels are now very close to each other in terms of followers. No one knows who will be the winner. Will it be the rapidly growing Indian music channel T-series or will Pewdiepie maintain his number 1 spot?

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